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Upcoming Quiet Day 27th November with Daniel Muñoz

We'd like to invite you to our upcoming Quiet Day at Home, on the 27th November, with Daniel Muñoz. You can find out more information about the day here, and also register for the event.

An online day retreat with Daniel Muñoz exploring the Christmas story through scripture, poetry, music and art. We will delve into the mystery of the Incarnation and consider Mary’s response to the angel at the annunciation, the subversive power of her words to Elizabeth (the Magnificat), and her experience of persecution and exile with Joseph and Jesus. We will reflect on some of the marginal characters in the story: national political leaders, local shepherds, heavenly angels and foreign visitors. And we will ask the question: How can Emmanuel offer healing, hope and light to our world today? Inspired by Richard Harries’ book, A Gallery of Reflections: The Nativity of Christ.

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