Flames in the Night

a journey with the Spanish mystics

ONLINE COURSE: 1st Oct - 5th Nov 2021

Flames in the Night


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This course includes

15 video presentations 

(approx. 225 minutes)

20 in depth articles/essays 

and resource documents


5 online live seminars

(one per week /1 hour each /zoom)

Thursday mornings 10am (UK time)

These are recorded and shared with those not able to make it on the day.

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Course Description


A five week course on Christian mysticism and spirituality focusing on four remarkable spiritual teachers: Teresa of Avila, Luis de León, John of the Cross and María de Salazar. These 16th century Spanish mystics lived during a time of profound change in the world around them, not unlike our world today. In this course, we will explore their lives, personalities and challenges, as well as their spiritual insights and wisdom, and how these may offer nourishment and guidance for our own life journeys.


This course is aimed at both, those who are new to the Spanish mystics, and those who are familiar with their works and wish to go deeper. It is also recommended for those planning on joining a residential retreat on the Spanish mystics in Spain with Los Olivos Retreats.

This comprehensive online course and live web seminars are based on the extensive reading, reflection and teaching of Daniel Muñoz on the Spanish mystics over the past fifteen years.


Course Objectives:


  • To understand the world of the Spanish mystics, that is, their historical context, including social, political, religious, spiritual and gender dynamics.

  • To gain an overview of the life of each mystic, and to familiarize yourself with their main works and key themes in their spiritual teachings, acquiring tools to understand their writings.

  • To engage with their teachings on a personal level, making connections between their insights on prayer, spiritual development and self-knowledge and your own personal journey.

  • To participate in a learning community through the reading of their works, and reflecting on them in conversation with other course participants.



In this 5-week online course, you will be able to learn by accessing a number of exclusive resources, including: video teaching sessions with Daniel Muñoz, a wide selection of articles and essays for in depth study, and weekly web-seminars (zoom) to discuss the content of the course with fellow learners.

You will need to invest around 3-4 hours every week to make the most of this course.

Course Dates:

1st Oct - 5th Nov 2021


Week 1: Flames in the night: exploring the world of the Spanish mystics.

Week 2: Teresa of Avila: reformer and teacher of prayer.

Week 3: Luis de León: bible teacher and poet.

Week 4: John of the Cross: spiritual teacher and mentor.

Week 5: María de Salazar: spiritual writer and mystic.


* On Friday morning each week course participants will receive an email with a unique password protected link to access the course materials (videos, articles/essays and resources). On Thursday morning (10 am UK time) the online seminar will take place every week to discuss and explore the content of the course together.

Registration & Fees


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