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Costa del Soul Café

A podcast reflecting on contemporary issues from a spiritual perspective with intersections from the arts, including poetry, music and film.

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Podcast #5 (17.04.24)

Can Art change the World?

Can art be a force for good in a world that values it less and less. A discussion around painting, poetry, sculpture and other art, inspired by the recent UNESCO World Day of Art.

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Podcast #4 (05.03.24)

One Love: Bob Marley, a film review

This podcast reflects on the recent film of the same title, and explores the timeless message of Bob Marley's songs on love, peace and reconciliation...

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Podcast #3 (14.02.24)

Love is in the Air

A Valentine Day's special exploring different meanings of love.

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Podcast #2 (01.02.24)

Carnival - who's behind the mask ...

In the podcast we explore the myths, music and deeper themes connected with carnival and the art of mask-wearing

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Podcast #1 (19.01.24)

Unity - why bother?

In this podcast we explore issues of unity and fragmentation in society and faith communities, with the help of a mystery movie ....

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