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A New Social Media Venture

We begin 2024 with a new social media venture: Costa del Soul Café.

In this new podcast we explore contemporary issues and topics in conversation with faith, spirituality and the arts.

In this way Guy and Daniel continue to develop the core ethos of Los Olivos Retreats, reflecting on the intersections between Christian spirituality and the arts (music, painting, poetry, films...).

Yet, in these podcasts, we are expanding and enlarging the conversation to include contemporary culture, current issues and special landmarks through the year. The name of the podcast, Costa del Soul Café, evokes their geographical location, the Costa del Sol, and the fact that these café style conversations seek to explore these themes from a deeper spiritual perspective. 

You can listen to our podcasts on all the main podcast platforms: Google, Apple, Spotify and Amazon Music. Please, subscribe to the Costa del Soul Café to get all our latest podcast updates, and feel free to give us your feedback via this website.

You can find the links to all of these services at

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