Quiet Days at Home

Online Retreats
These online retreats were originally offered "live" during 2020-2022. You can now follow them at home, at your own pace, in your own time. There is a suggested structure (rhythm) for the day, but you can also adapt it to your own personal circumstances. In fact, they can be done in one day or over several days.


In an effort to keep our online retreats accessible, we are keen to continue with our "no set fee" policy, so that no one is excluded for financial reasons. We would be grateful, however, if you would carefully consider your own resources as well as honouring the expense, time, and energy required to produce these quiet days.  Your contributions and donations make it possible for us to develop this ministry and to keep our work sustainable. You can make a secure donation by clicking on the Donate button.

QD Beatitudes.jpg

The Beatitudes for Today: Hearing the voices of modern day prophets

In the Hebrew Bible, prophets were those who denounced injustice and offered new visions of the future; often a future without injustice, violence or greed. In recent times, prophetic voices from all over the world have spoken out asking for change. Artists, activists, poets, philosophers and pastors, who believe that a new world is possible. Here we will explore the connections between the Beatitudes and the message of modern day prophets, such as Desmond Tutu, Greta Thunberg, Jenny Te Paa, or John Bell.

The day is led by Daniel Muñoz with contributions from Jenny Te Paa and John Bell

QD Imagi Christi.jpg

Imagi Christi: seeing Christ with new eyes

The Apostle Paul once described Jesus as “the visible likeness of the invisible God.” (Colossians 1:15)  This online retreat, originally offered in the Advent season, is an invitation to see Christ with new eyes. We will meditate on different images of Christ found in the bible, in poetry and in art history. We will reflect on our own images of God and how they impact on our faith and spiritual journeys.  And we will listen to the witness of the Spanish mystics, as their walk with Jesus shaped their view of him.

The day is led by Daniel Muñoz.

QD Road less travelled.jpg

The road less travelled: walking the path of love

Life is full of choices, crossroads and paths – narrow or wide – that at times appear before us. In the teachings of Jesus, the narrow path, the one less travelled, is the way of selfless love. This Quiet Day is an invitation to explore and discover how to unlock that love in our lives, so that we can have a deeper and more transformative relationship with God and others. We will do so in conversation with scripture, mystics and poets, as well as art, music and prayer.

The day is led by Daniel Muñoz.

QD Advent Christmas.jpg

Christmas Revisited: An Advent Quiet Day

An online day retreat exploring the Christmas story through scripture, poetry, music and art. We will delve into the mystery of the Incarnation and consider Mary’s response to the angel at the annunciation, the subversive power of her words to Elizabeth (the Magnificat), and her experience of persecution and exile with Joseph and Jesus. We will reflect on some of the marginal characters in the story: national political leaders, local shepherds, heavenly angels and foreign visitors. And we will ask the question: How can Emmanuel offer healing, hope and light to our world today?

The day is led by Daniel Muñoz.

Lent QD Ad.JPG

Christ in the Desert: A Lent Quiet Day

This online retreat explores the experience of Jesus in the wilderness in conversation with the witness of the desert fathers and mothers, and the writings of Henri Nouwen. An invitation to journey with Christ to the desert, and to travel to the innermost parts of our being, to confront the distractions, delusions and temptations in our own lives; and to redefine our relationship with these inner voices in the light of Jesus’ words. A spacious and generous day of prayer, contemplation, and reflection on the scriptures, to prepare ourselves spiritually to enter the mystery of Passion Week and Easter.


The day is led by Daniel Muñoz.

QD Via Lucis.jpg

Via Lucis: the Path of Light

In this online retreat you will be invited to walk in the footsteps of the disciples who encountered the risen Christ for the first time. We will recall their stories, found in the gospels, and will explore signs of new life and resurrection in our lives and the world around us through art, music, poetry, prayer and meditation. 


The day is led by Daniel Muñoz.

QD Saving Beauty.jpg

Saving Beauty: an Easter exploration

A Quiet Day in collaboration with Mark Burrows. We will explore Dostoevsky’s bold claim that “beauty alone will save us” – because it has the power to awaken us to the “ordinary” miracles among which we live, in the midst of the struggles and disappointments we face. Our reflections will offer guidance in “practicing” beauty, aided by the witness of poets and artists – Mary Oliver and Isek Dinesen; Rainer Maria Rilke, Emily Dickinson and Vincent van Gogh – who cultivated its gifts in fragmented and often destitute times.

The day is led by Mark Burrows and Daniel Muñoz.