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Quiet Day at Home

Welcome to: Imagi Christi

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Quiet Day Planner with suggested times

  • 09.30h Welcome and Introduction to the retreat (live video stream: 20 min)

  • 10.00h Morning Prayer (video stream: 10 min)

  • 10.30h Address 1. Who do you say that I am? 1 (video stream: 45 min)

  • 11.15h Free time for personal reflection (resources provided)
     Lunch break

  • 13.30h Address 2. Who do you say that I am? 2 (video stream: 45 min)

  • 14.15h Free time for personal reflection (resources provided)

  • 16.00h Evening Prayer (video stream: 10 min)



Morning Prayer


Imagi Christi 1

Imagi Christi 2



Please, click on the PDF symbols to download the resource documents.

Morning Prayer - suggested time 10.00h (UK time) (video stream 12 mins)

10.30h Address 1. Who do you say that I am? 1 (video stream: 45 min)

Speaker: Daniel Munoz

13.30h Address 2. Who do you say that I am? 2 (video stream: 45 min)

Speaker: Daniel Munoz

16.00h Evening Prayer (video stream: 12 min)

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Thank you Guy and Daniel a bit late! Appreciated in a great deal Maily Clare Cumbria

18 hours ago


thank you so much. I felt I was offering gold today instead of rubbish. God bless!


Thank you Dani and Guy for another blessed retreat. We'll be taking a trip out to explore the work of Liverpool artist Arthur Dooley which is scattered around our city


2 days ago


Wonderful! Enjoy his artwork.


2 days ago


Thankyou for a wonderful day and the liberation theology - definitely my sort of theology

2 days ago


Thank-you for another wonderful retreat day with so much food for thought - both for today and to return to.

2 days ago


Thank you so much Dani and Guy

as always feel refreshed and inspired, Annie x

2 days ago



thank you for a wonderful thought provoking experience and for resources which i will revisit and digest over the next days

2 days ago



Thank you Dani & Guy for an inspirational day, a lot to reflect on and highlighting what I need to do next. Lovely to see both of you again.

Kind Regards



as an artist it has been a wonderful historical insight from Danny about all the artwork chosen for this retreat day. It will feed me for weeks with ideas! loved the opportunity to start making a collage. Thank you both for such an inspiring day. It was so lovely to know that others where virtually there as well!heart



Muchas gracias desde Nottingham. Mí primero 'Día Tranquilo' con Los Olivos, y no será el último. Dios sea con ustedes.

2 days ago

Angela Linton

My apologies for not joining on zoom later but thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing day which has had such a profound effect. on my life at this time. God bless you both.heartheart

Angela L



Thank you for such a meaningful day.



Thank you both for such an inspirational day Sheila

2 days ago


Thank you for an inspiring Retreat which has helped raise some new thoughts about the person of Christ and his work in our lives and in the world.


Peter & Sheila


Many thanks for an inspiring day, it just goes to show how much good can come about when appropriate imagery is used; and how much damage may be caused by the inappropriate portrayal of Jesus. All three of our churches have 'Victorian' stained glass with very Anglo Saxon Jesus images! Oh for the chance of new ones.

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