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Quiet Day at Home

Welcome to: 

Christ in the Desert

a Lent Quiet Day

Welcome and introduction to the retreat (video stream: 20 min)

Quiet Day Planner with suggested times (all UK times)

  • 09.30h Welcome and Introduction to the retreat (video: 20 min)

  • 10.00h Morning Prayer (video: 15 min)

  • 10.15h Christ in the Desert: The journey to self-knowledge (video: 40 min)

  • 11.00h Free time for personal reflection (resources provided)


       Lunch break

  • 13.30h Christ in the Desert: The Way of Jesus (video: 40 min)

  • 14.10h Free time for personal reflection (resources provided)

  • 16.00h Evening Prayer (video: 10 min)

  • 16.15h Wrap up session (via Zoom)



Quiet Day Resources 1


Please, click on the PDF symbols to download the resource documents.

Quiet Day Resources 2

Morning Prayer - suggested time 10.00h (UK time) (video stream 15 mins)

10.30h Address 1. Christ in the Desert: The journey to self-knowledge (video: 40 min)

Speaker: Daniel Muñoz

13.30h Address 2. Christ in the Desert: The Way of Jesus (video: 40 min)

Speaker: Daniel Muñoz

16.00h Evening Prayer (video stream: 10 min)

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Denise McDougall

As always such wonderful thought provoking and inspirational material. A great way to begin Lent. Thank you both so much. Denise



That was an Amazing day.

Very spiritually advanced and informative.

I would love to go on one of the retreats or work with you guy's. Thank you for today.



Thank you so much for this precious day. God bless you both.


Thank you - again - for a day of learning, of 'new life' and good space. Your on line retreats over the past 2 years have been very much appreciated in difficult times. I hope at some point in the future you will feel able to do more.

Many blessings for 2022 retreats in Spain!

Joan & Ray Wager


Berit M. Andersen

thank you for this opportunity to take part in this silent day also from Norway. it was so well, organized, and with a good quality of the content. I wish you could do this again for us who are not able to come to Spain

Joe and Jan, St helens

Thank you Dani and Guy, hope to see you both in person some time in the future



Thank you so much Dani and Guy for such a beautifully prepared and delivered quiet day - it has been a great blessing to me. As someone recently retired I found Abba Poerman's 'EVERY DAY MAKE A FRESH BEGINNING' really helpful.



I would echo the thanks of others for this and previous days. Like so many, I am sad this will be the last



Thanks so much dani and guy. Was so pleased to be able to access the day from my hospital bed. So much sense of spiritual healing coming from the treasure God wants to offer us instead of the worldly treasure which Henri N exposed so well! Thanks so much and blessings all Sue

Gill Nobes

Thank-you for this Quiet Day - there is so much here to continue to reflect on through this period of Lent.

Thank-you, too, for all of the online retreats over the last two years. I have greatly appreciated and valued the time that you have put in to make these days so meaningful

. I hope to join you in the future for an in-person retreat. God bless you both and your ministry.

Chris and Scarlett

Thank you Dani and Guy - for all your work, for providing these retreats during the pandemic, for your guidance and for so much material to meditate on. Keep well. With much love

8 days ago


🔔 thank you for all of your comments. We will open the zoom room in 5 mins for those joining


Thank you so much for yet another inspiring day. I loved the inner watchfullness,

Judy Riley

What a rich & rewarding day! Thank you for your very meaningful reflections.

Hilary Spong

Thank you both for producing yet another thought provoking and challenging day - Bless you both



Thank you for another thought-provoking quiet day. Sorry it's the last online. I won't be joining the Zoom this time as I'm zooming off to a virtual choir rehearsal working on a song for Ukraine.


Pam and Paul

Hello from Paul and Pam in Coventry. Just about to do Evening prayer and zoom ... so glad to joined the day with u all.

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