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The Beatitudes for Today: hearing the voices of modern day prophets

Last Saturday, the 6th of February, we hosted our first online retreat of the year exploring the timeless wisdom of Jesus' beatitudes. A dispersed pilgrim community of nearly 300 retreatants from around the globe shared in prayer, meditation and reflection, and engaged with these well known spiritual sayings in new ways.

We explored the deep meanings of the beatitudes from classic versions and new translations from the Aramaic, in conversation with modern day prophetic voices. We were also blessed with the virtual presence of John Bell (Iona Community, Scotland) and Jenny Te Paa (Maori theologian and activist, New Zealand). Their testimonies and reflections on the beatitudes were moving and powerful, bringing us down to earth, whilst moving us to keep our eyes on God's realm and to work for God's peace and justice. All in all, a deeply stimulating and nourishing day retreat.

All the resources and videos of this retreat are now available for you on our website: Feel free to use them for a personal retreat/quiet time over the coming months, and to share them with family or friends.

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