Quiet Day at Home - April 10th

Welcome to: Saving Beauty

                      an Easter exploration

Please start with this video 

Quiet Day Planner with suggested times (UK times)

  • 09.30h Welcome and Introduction to the retreat (live video stream: 20 min)

  • 10.00h Morning Prayer (video stream: 16 min)

  • 10.30h Address 1. Saving Beauty: PART 1 (video stream: 35 min)

  • 11.05h Free time for personal reflection (resources provided)

        Lunch break

  • 13.30h Address 2. Saving Beauty: PART 2 (video stream: 35 min)

  • 14.05h Free time for personal reflection (resources provided)

  • 16.00h Evening Prayer (video stream: 14 min)

  • 16.30h Closing / wrap up session (live zoom session: approx. 40 min).



Quiet Day Resources 1


Please, click on the PDF symbols to download the resource documents.

Quiet Day Resources 2

Morning Prayer - suggested time 10.00h (UK time) (video stream 16 mins)

10.30h Address 1. Saving Beauty: PART 1 (video stream: 33 min)

Speaker: Mark Burrows

13.30h Address 2. Saving Beauty: PART 2 (video stream: 33 min)

Speaker: Mark Burrows

16.00h Evening Prayer (video stream: 14 min)

16.30h Closing / wrap up session (OPTIONAL: live Zoom Session: 40-60 min)

The details for the optional Zoom session are:- 


You will be able to enter the room from 16.25h (UK time).

Format for the Zoom session is:

1. Welcome and greetings.

2. Sharing your thoughts on the day.

3. Final comments.

There is no set fee to participate in this Quiet day, but we'd be grateful for donations to help us continue this ministry.


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Shirley and Victor

Dear Daniel and Guy and Mark,
I am so sorry that I had to leave before evening prayer
. It was a truly beautiful and inspiriational day which has left me so much to think and pray about. May you continue to be very blessed in your ministries as you continue to bless us.

3 days ago



Thank you for this beautiful and inspirational day. This is true Christianity. I wish our US politicians were filled with this much love, kindness and awareness of Christ and his message. Thank you. I hope to join you in Spain one day. Gracias por todo!

4 days ago



thank you Dani, Guy and Mark for a truly inspiring day. I was quite overwhelmed with it. I did want to join in the chat but somehow didn't manage to do so, no matter. Guy, I want to donate but not by PayPal. Is there another way I can do so by card or standing order?

4 days ago



That-you all so much for another inspiring day

4 days ago


Liz Fuell

Mark, thank you so much for your help and guidance in navigating the way into a path to Love:  littered so often with self made obstacles - not least of which can be my inability to love myself.   You have identified for me ways in which I can seek to find all the barriers that I have built against Love, and allow Christ to 'easter' in me.  

4 days ago



Amen! Every blessing to you, Liz, as you live into the mystery of resurrecting love!
4 days ago



Thank you for the blessing of this day as I begin to move through this morning with you here in Canada.  I paused the video at the beautiful resurrection painting of gold and blue....and then the phone rang.  It was from the nursing home.  A very kind nurse letting me know my mother continues to weaken and what to expect...I listened to her as the painting of the resurrection was on my computer screen.  So grateful to be part of this community today.

4 days ago



So glad that image was before you, Fiona. My prayers join yours for your mother.

4 days ago



Thank you, Dani, for everything - especially today for your beautiful prayers; thank you, Mark, for your challenging (in a good way!) addresses, and thank you, Guy, for being the sine qua non of these fantastic online retreats. God bless you all.

4 days ago



A big thank you once again to Daniel and Guy for a  very inspiring and thought provoking day. May our risen Lord continue to bless your ministry,

4 days ago




4 days ago



A lot to process - what a rich offering. Thank you

4 days ago


Jill Mowbray

Guy, and Dani and Mark, much thanks indeed for today. Mark's reflections together with the poetry were very rich and I look forward to continuing to pray with these themes. And so appreciated morning and evening prayer and the photo backgrounds of the landscape around Los Olivos, and very special walks from past retreats. 

4 days ago


Hi, Jill! I am so glad you were with us, and am only sorry we did not have a chance to speak afterwards in the Zoom session. Every blessing, and love from us both here, now, in Maine!

4 days ago



A wonderful day - thank you. You shared some marvellous poems and insight with us. 

4 days ago



Thank you for a beautiful day. Bless you all. 

4 days ago


Jane & Rosy

Thank you for a day of beauty and enrichment. Every blessing.

4 days ago